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Holistic Pediatric Dental Care

Each and every parent out there cares for the wellbeing of their children. For this reason you will need to make sure that you have access to a really good health care provider for your child. Getting an appropriate provider for this reason is not always an easy experience, especially if you are searching for someone who offers holistic pediatric dental care. You have to understand that a lot of those who claim to be offering holistic pediatric dental care are simply people who are riding on the wave that has been created by the trend, so they really are not qualified to do what they say they can do.

Holistic Dentist Paige Woods: “When it comes to holistic care, the precept lies in the fact that everything about your health comes down to your teeth. What this means simply is that your teeth play an important role in your general health. For this reason therefore, if you have a problem with your dental health, you will certainly struggle with a lot of other bodily processes.”

As a holistic dentist therefore, the primary goal lies in making sure that your patient has the perfect health, or is on their way to optimal health, following some simple procedures as outlined herein:

Content of an Initial Exam

A number of dentists conduct an evaluation in 3 – 7 minutes, which means it is impossible for them to perform the rigorous tests that the holistic process demands. During the evaluation there are some issues that you have to discuss with the dentist, such as:

  • Breathing problems
  • Airway problems
  • Posture
  • Jaw deviation
  • Sleep position
  • Quality of sleep
  • Overall health of the child
  • Child’s asymmetry
  • The condition of permanent teeth

These are issues that must be addressed when you visit the dentist. Other than that, the dentist will also want to know more about the diet your child is on.

Materials used in the Exam

You have to consider the materials that are used in the exam room, and the danger that they pose to your child. More importantly, ensure that you avoid the dental amalgam, and silver dental fillings, because of the environment and health concerns that have arisen in the past. Things like BPA and fluoride should also not be used on your child.

Determine your Stand on X-rays

There are a number of holistic dentists who will actually opt not to use x-rays at all, though this will not really work well for your child. It is important to use x-rays, because they allow the dentist to clearly know what they are dealing with, other than approaching the treatment of your child blindly.

Root Canals

When we consider the prospect of using conventional dentistry, root canals are a common occurrence. However, you must understand the risks that are involved. If you are getting this procedure done, you must also understand that the sterilizing agents that are used to kill the nerve of the tooth often contain toxins, which can leak into the body, and can cause further infection.

Full article referenced from the following website – DENTIST | SAN DIEGO, CA | PAIGE WOODS, DDS

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How to Test Your Home for Mold

mold removal

Mold can affect the people living in your household by causing serious health problems. Even if you cannot see the mold, it may still be present. Whilst, some people are well aware of their mold problems, for example those who can see black mold in the bathroom, others may not be aware of the problem. In some homes, mold can grow in the ventilation system or the air conditioning system and from there it will be easily dispersed into the air. This will seriously affect the air quality in the home and can lead to respiratory illnesses, nausea, allergic reactions and a range of other symptoms. Some people are alerted to the presence of mold by a strange, damp smell or an unusual taste in the air. If you suspect that there may be mold in your home it is very important to have mold testing done. If the presence of mold is confirmed, mold remediation and mold removal can then be carried out. There are a number of different ways to carry out mold testing.

Home testing kits

Testing kits can be purchased which allow you to collect mold samples for yourself. Whilst these testing kits are less expensive than having professional mold testing carried out, the results may be less accurate, because of the ways that the samples were collected. Home testing kits also risk cross contamination. Your samples will normally be analyzed by a professional laboratory, who will get back to you with the results after a few weeks. Although the results should be explained to you on paper, you may not get as much information and you will be unable to start a real dialogue if you have additional questions.

Professional mold testing

Professional mold testing will lead to the most accurate results because professionals know what to look for and how to accurately collect and analyze samples. They will be able to explain to you what they are doing and why they are doing it. Using their professional experience, they may also be able to offer alternative explanations for certain phenomena in your home, if mold is not found during testing. They can also normally help you out with mold remediation and mold removal.

What analysis methods are used?

Three main types of mold testing are used by professionals, namely Air Testing, Surface testing and Bulk Testing. Air testing take samples from the air and these samples will then be analyzed to check for the presence of airborne mold spores. Air testing is accurate, although it does not show where the mold growth actually is. Surface testing is used to detect the presence of mold on surfaces. Even though the mold may not be visible to the naked eye, mold can still be present on surfaces such as kitchen worktops. Bulk testing involve the sampling of lots of different materials from around your home and this can help to show where the strongest concentrations of mold is. For accurate mold readings using any testing method, multiple samples should be taken.

More about mold removal at http://orange-restoration.com/services/san-diego-mold-removal/

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Study reveals that doctors believe technology reduces patient time

by Brighton Dental San Diego

A new study has been carried out that asked over eighteen thousand physicians about their patient care. Out of all of them that responded, seven out of ten believed that the introduction of technology into the way that medical care and appointment systems had reduced the amount of time that they would spend with their actual patients. In fact, 50% of those doctors believed that their computer systems meant that they were unable to see any extra patients throughout their day.

The study was completed by the health care publisher Medscape, and reveals that although many of the changes that were brought into the medical world were created in order to save the administrative time that doctors had to spend, and allow them to spend more time with patients, in fact almost the opposite is true.

On the other hand, there are new changes within the medical professional that should be able to marry the usefulness of technology and the need for patients to spend much time with their patients. For example, Dr. Bob Carter who is the chief of neurosurgery at the UC San Diego School of Medicine will often go through his medical rounds with a smart phone. He uses it in order to record the decisions that he and the patient will make with regards to their continuing care, through dictation. This saves the amount of paperwork time, and it still enables him to spend much of his time face to face with those that really matter: his patients.

Of course, there will be occasions when doctors will need to sit down at a computer, but those times are few, and the majority of the work would already have been done. Dr. Bob Carter believes that this has removed around seven hours of work per week, giving him extra time to dedicate himself to his San Diego patients.

More at: sandiegocosmeticdentists.org

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Holistic Dentists Say Mercury Fillings Could Make You Sick

Dentists in the United States have been using silver amalgam for filling cavities for 160 years, and there is evidence that they may have been used as far back as 7th century China.  The controversy over these fillings has raged for almost as long.  The fact is, they are called silver amalgam, but in reality they contain much more mercury than any other element (which has been a point of controversy with a segment called whole-istic dentists.  Amalgam fillings are made of half mercury by weight, mixed with copper, tin and silver.

mercury filling

If you’ve ever seen a mercury thermometer accidentally broken in a medical facility, you know that very strict protocols are observed when cleaning it up to ensure the mercury is not inhaled or absorbed.  You may also have been warned by your doctor to avoid or limit your consumption of certain types of fish due to their mercury content.  This is because mercury is a highly toxic substance that is easily absorbed by the body, but difficult to remove.

Now, a group of scientists, dentists and patients have come together to file a lawsuit against the FDA alleging a failure to take any action to protect people against the dangers of mercury fillings.  The lawsuit calls for mercury fillings to be banned and claims that they are making people ill.

Amy Forseter, one of the parties to the lawsuit, said she did everything she knew to do to avoid mercury exposure while pregnant, but had no idea that what she was trying to avoid had been put into her teeth when she had cavities filled.  As soon as she learned this, she immediately started looking for a dentist to remove them.

Some scientists believe that the mercury from these fillings is continuously absorbed by the body, especially during chewing or brushing.  Though the amount absorbed in a day is minute, mercury can build up in the tissue and organs over time.

Dr. Kimberly Baer, with Natural Dentist Associates in Maryland explains that healthy people are typically able to process and excrete the small amounts of mercury that are absorbed by amalgam fillings and most do not experience any ill effects from the fillings.  But pregnant women, children, and individuals with weakened immune systems may not be able to effectively eliminate mercury, and it accumulates in organs and tissue.

Use of mercury fillings is typically a matter of cost as amalgam is cheaper than most other filling materials.  Unfortunately, this means that low income patients, prison inmates and military are the most heavily impacted by mercury fillings.

More at http://biocompatibledentist.org/holistic_dentistry/amalgam-fillings/

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Despite Questions In Hong Kong, Toothpaste Brand Stands By Use Of Chemical  

toothpasteColgate-Palmolive is standing by its use of the chemical triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste despite the Bloomberg News report of a study that links the chemical to cancer cell growth and developmental problems that showed up when testing triclosan on animals. The city of Hong Kong is among jurisdictions calling into question the importation of the potentially harmful toothpaste (read about a superior alternative toothpaste).

Colgate-Palmolive says there was a rigorous approval process that led to the approval of the particular toothpaste as an OTC drug. More than 80 clinical studies involving 19,000 participants were involved, the company said recently.

Plus, the product has been on the market in the United States for almost 18 years, the company said, and there haven’t been any adverse safety reports.

In Hong Kong, the government says it has not received reports of consumer issues related to any products that contain triclosan, but the city said it will continue to examine the latest research related to the chemical.

At the FDA, a spokesperson said that the issue of carcinogenicity was resolved by study in 1997. The study supports the position held by the FDA that there is no cancer risk for people who use products containing the chemical triclosan.

Consumers must make up their minds based on the best available facts and opinions they trust. But it’s difficult to understand the usage of a product that may be linked to a cancer concern or, in fact, the usage of any similar products when safe alternatives exist. These include chemical-free toothpastes that consumers can make themselves at home and relatively safe natural toothpastes available for purchase in stores.

It makes sense that a government would take action to protect its citizens and that another would take action to quell concerns. It also makes sense that a company would stand behind its products. But what is a consumer to do when there’s a product safety question?

Reference: http://besttoothpaste.net

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Fitting A Miraculous Poison Called Botox Into Your Practice

Safer than surgery in many ways and not as unnatural in the minds of some as synthetic drugs, Botox is a miraculous poison that just might have a place in your dental practice or other kind of medical office — if you or someone in your office has the proper Botox training to use it safely.

It’s easy to debate what the most toxic substance available to humankind is, but the toxin that makes Botox work is certainly on the list. It can cause great harm when inhaled, ingested or even injected, causing paralysis, respiratory failure and eventually death. The toxicity of a substance is determined by its median lethal dose, and just one gram of this pure poison can kill millions.

Botulinum Toxin

To put that into perspective in a concerning way, a gram of hydrogen cyanide can kill perhaps five or six people.

Yet since 2002, this miraculous poison in the form of diluted Botox has been available for cosmetic uses. In fact, Botox for cosmetic purposes is widely used and still gaining in popularity. People pay handsomely to have this substance injected into their bodies to reduce wrinkling and for various medical conditions involving tight muscles, pain and more.

Botox is the same botulinum toxin that can be found is some dust, soil and food that has been contaminated with it. By attacking the nervous system, it can turn off the brain’s connection with a particular muscle or nerve. The neuron in the brain or spine sends a signal to the area, but the signal isn’t received thanks to Botox.

While on a large scale that’s how the toxin kills, that’s how also how it works such miracles. And since those who administer it must be carefully trained in a Botox training program to give the injections, the risk is low — and the reward is amazing.


Why is the Sclerotherapy Procedure Good for Varicose Vein Treatment?

vein clinic patient legsIf you suffer from spider veins or varicose veins, you want to combat the problem and want to move on with your life.  Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that will rid you of your vein problems.  Our provider and vascular surgeon, Dr. Peter Mann, will inject a highly advanced saline solution, into the veins, using a very fine needle.  The solution will collapse the veins and, over time, the veins will be absorbed into your body.  The result is that your blood flow will then redirect and enter into healthy veins, as they should be.

Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that has actually been around since the 1930s.  Here are a few things you should know about this procedure.

• The procedure takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to perform.

• You will not have to stay in a hospital.

• It’s extremely affordable.

• Most people feel great in a day or two and there is no recovery time involved.

• You might experience some bruising, discoloration, or itching around the injection area.

You should always tell your doctor if you are on any medications. Dr. Mann will let you know what medications you can or cannot take for the next 48 to 72 hours after the procedure.

At our clinic for varicose veins San Diego, there are different types of Sclerotherapy Dr. Mann performs and that you should be familiar with:

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy:

Ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy is used for spider veins and varicose veins that are hidden beneath the skin. First, Dr. Mann will locate the problem veins with ultrasound and then he will inject the veins with a foam solution. Dr. Mann will monitor the entire procedure and use the ultrasound mapping to guide the syringe to the targeted area.  The ultrasound imaging allows the doctor to actually see the patient’s vascular system.

Sclerotherapy Treatment:

The traditional sclerotherapy procedure is used for veins that that Dr. Mann can detect visually. These spider veins are typically very small and are highly visible because they are closer to the surface of the skin.  Because these veins are closer to the surface, your doctor does not need an ultrasound to treat these veins. Dr. Mann will inject the veins with a saline-based foam solution.

Depending on how many veins you have and where they are located, the patients will need anywhere between 1 to 5 treatments. Most patients see some of their veins disappear right after the treatment. All of the treated veins will disappear within a few months and sometimes will take up to one year.

In Conclusion:

Both of these procedures are safe, painless, will treat the problem area quickly, and are both very affordable.  If you are struggling with varicose veins and/or spider veins, contact our Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Mann, for a complimentary consultation and to discuss your treatment options. Everyone deserves healthy, beautiful legs!

Want to learn more about Sclerotherapy Treatment?


Finding Relief During Wisdom Teeth Pain

wisdom tooth - painfulWhen it comes to your teeth, the general rule is that the better we treat them, the better they treat us in return. However, there is one situation we have no control over no matter how well we keep them clean – wisdom teeth. The arrival of wisdom teeth are often dreaded and for good reason, they can be excruciatingly painful. For this reason, we have compiled a number of tips for you to use to try and find relief during this difficult time.

If you are unaware or reading this in preparation for the big day, wisdom teeth normally make an appearance between the ages of 16-22 but can be a little outside of this parameter too. Whilst some people have all four pushing through, others have less and a small percentage will not experience wisdom teeth pain at all. Let’s take a look at some pain-relief techniques;

Benzocaine – One of the easiest ways to ease wisdom teeth pain is to numb the surrounding area and this can be done with benzocaine. With any gel-based product that contains the vital ingredient, spread a layer over the affected area and you should notice the difference after just a few minutes. If you want the best results, dry the area with a cloth before applying as this will ensure it stays in place.

Ibuprofen – Often, it is the throbbing sensation that can distract you from your normal daily tasks and the solution for this could be ibuprofen. Of course, you should always speak to a professional with regards to dosage but this can ease the throbbing which normally leads to frustration and a lack of concentration.

Mouth Rinse – When it comes to mouth rinse, we have all been told various concoctions of magical ingredients but simple is nearly always best. For example, a simple cup of warm water with salt is as basic as you will get but the relief can be tremendous. Once the salt has dissolved, swish the mixture around in your mouth for up to a minute before spitting it out in your sink.

Clove Oil – Although this might not be as successful or scientific as the previous suggestions, cloves or clove oil is said to do the trick and most of us have this ingredient in our kitchen to start with. It is important to note that you shouldn’t crush or cut the clove but instead, place it on the painful area and wait for a numbing sensation. If using oil, dab it on the affected area via a swab or cotton ball.

Ultimately, these are fantastic tips for easing the associated pains that come with wisdom teeth but they should never be used as a replacement for real treatment. As soon as you experience pain that you believe could be your wisdom teeth, visit your dentist and arrange treatment which will most likely end in their removal.

More at http://wisdomtoothpain.org

Sliding Glass Doors


Glass Door in RoomExtravagant, beautiful, and stunning views are an experience that sliding doors can offer, making them quite possibly the most sought after choice amongst many contemporary home owners.


A Room with the Best View


The use of glass in modern homes is fast becoming essential for that greatly desired unabated view that home owners crave. Whether it’s a spectacular sunset in the city, moon light dancing across the waves, stars strewn above a mountain, or a serene lake sunrise, these doors go beyond a typical floor to ceiling window. Cool, elegant, and eclectic, sliding glass doors offer protection and a passageway (see more at our Los Angles glass door showroom). If you desire privacy consider translucent glass to get the job done, or if you wish to create a partition between your bedroom and back patio then transparent will be the way to go.


A Wide Variety of Sliding Glass Door Designs


  • Bedrooms, living rooms, and classic interiors with sliding glass doors offer spectacular scenery making them a wonderful addition to most modern homes.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds: protection and the ability to observe the picturesque beauty of the outside world.
  • Sliding glass doors can raise the levels of joy and happiness we feel when we experience the freedom that comes from an unconstrained view.
  • Whether it’s a modern home living room, an exotic pool house, or a cozy home office you can create an attractive, elaborate or timeless view.
  • Depending on your location and your usage of the door, you can alter the theme of your sliding glass doors. When it’s winter for example the suns warm rays and soft glow can comfort you while keeping out the harsh winter elements.
  • During the refreshing spring season and when summer arrives your sliding doors can welcome in the beautiful breeze, sounds of nature, and lovely sights.


Not Just Limited to Exterior


The new trend to play with the many exterior roles sliding glass doors can offer has made them a convenient choice for separating the outside world from the walls. From an interior design perspective, sliding glass doors are quite useful and can help you separate a smaller space. Another positive feature is their ability to block out the noise while still remaining visible, making them a wonderful way to stay in touch!


Deciding if Sliding Glass Doors Are Right for You


  • Pro: They provide a clear view into another room or outside, adding a that glamourous punch to your décor.
  • Pro: Energy efficient they offer solid insulation from extreme hot or cold.
  • Pro: Offering excellent air flow usually in conjunction with a screen door they keep out bugs and other pests.
  • Con: Not the cheapest option although they are doable for most people’s budget.
  • Con: They may not hold up to extreme cold or wind as well as they to heat. Debris that get tossed around may damage the integrity of your glass door.


Before We Close Our Look at Sliding Glass Doors


Most homeowners looking for that affordable, easy to maintain, attractive option will enjoy the practical benefits that come with a sliding glass door. They are great for cutting down on the use of artificial light and are more environmentally friendly than wood. They offer a wide opening great for moving things in and out of the house, since they lack hinges that would otherwise create a barrier between the door and you. This makes it less likely for you to damage any items moved across the threshold. All else aside the contribute massively to the depth of beauty you can enjoy from outdoors while inside.

Source: http://knrslidingdoors.com

Using the Valkyrie Tornado

Clash of Clans - Loyal KnightsThe Valkyrie is among the most powerful troops you can have, but is not a favorite of many players.  The Valkyrie Tornado is a strategy that just goes to show just how powerful the Valkyrie can be.

Composition of the Valkyrie Tornado

The Valkyrie Tornado is a great strategy for players from TH8 – TH10.  Here are army compositions to use for each level.  After you’ve used them a couple of times, you’ll figure out what works best for you.


  • Troops – 8 Valkyrie, 10 each Wizards and Archers, 6 Giants, and 4 Healers
  • Clan Castle – Giants and Wizards
  • Spells – 1 Healing and 2 Rage
  • Troops – 8 Valkyrie, 15 Wizards, 10 Archers, 6 Giants, and 4 Healers
  • Clan Castle – Giants and Wizards
  • Spells – 1 Healing and 3 Rage
  • Troops – 8 Valkyrie, 10 each Wizards, Wall Breakers, and Archers, 6 Giants, and 4 Healers
  • Clan Castle – Giants and Wizards
  • Spells – 1 Healing, 2 Rage, 2 Freeze

TH9 / TH10

Valkyries are expensive and take a long time to train, that’s why we call this a Valkyrie Tornado despite only using 8 of them.

How to Use the Spells

  • Lightning – to kill enemy troops.
  • Healing – as needed for troops that are separated from Healers.
  • Rage – save until your troops are in the core, then use to finish the job quickly.
  • Jump – for getting over walls.
  • Freeze – to handle Inferno Towers.

Alternatively Check Out a GoVaPe

Using the Valkyrie Tornado

  1. Start with Giants and a couple of Healers
  2. Then deploy a couple of Wizards and Archers to neutralize outer buildings and clear a path for the Valkyries.  This would be a good time to drop your Clan Castle
  3. Send in Valkyries, one at a time
  4. Send in remaining Healers
  5. Save a couple of Archers to snipe at buildings as needed.
  6. Send in remaining Troops and Heroes
  7. Use your Spells as needed

If you’d like to practice the Valkyrie Tornado, you can try the mod of Xmodgames.  This will allow you to set up your troop and spell combinations to simulate the attack without the training time.  This is just a simulation of the attack that does not have any impact on the game.

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