How to Test Your Home for Mold

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Mold can affect the people living in your household by causing serious health problems. Even if you cannot see the mold, it may still be present. Whilst, some people are well aware of their mold problems, for example those who can see black mold in the bathroom, others may not be aware of the problem. In some homes, mold can grow in the ventilation system or the air conditioning system and from there it will be easily dispersed into the air. This will seriously affect the air quality in the home and can lead to respiratory illnesses, nausea, allergic reactions and a range of other symptoms. Some people are alerted to the presence of mold by a strange, damp smell or an unusual taste in the air. If you suspect that there may be mold in your home it is very important to have mold testing done. If the presence of mold is confirmed, mold remediation and mold removal can then be carried out. There are a number of different ways to carry out mold testing.

Home testing kits

Testing kits can be purchased which allow you to collect mold samples for yourself. Whilst these testing kits are less expensive than having professional mold testing carried out, the results may be less accurate, because of the ways that the samples were collected. Home testing kits also risk cross contamination. Your samples will normally be analyzed by a professional laboratory, who will get back to you with the results after a few weeks. Although the results should be explained to you on paper, you may not get as much information and you will be unable to start a real dialogue if you have additional questions.

Professional mold testing

Professional mold testing will lead to the most accurate results because professionals know what to look for and how to accurately collect and analyze samples. They will be able to explain to you what they are doing and why they are doing it. Using their professional experience, they may also be able to offer alternative explanations for certain phenomena in your home, if mold is not found during testing. They can also normally help you out with mold remediation and mold removal.

What analysis methods are used?

Three main types of mold testing are used by professionals, namely Air Testing, Surface testing and Bulk Testing. Air testing take samples from the air and these samples will then be analyzed to check for the presence of airborne mold spores. Air testing is accurate, although it does not show where the mold growth actually is. Surface testing is used to detect the presence of mold on surfaces. Even though the mold may not be visible to the naked eye, mold can still be present on surfaces such as kitchen worktops. Bulk testing involve the sampling of lots of different materials from around your home and this can help to show where the strongest concentrations of mold is. For accurate mold readings using any testing method, multiple samples should be taken.

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