Fitting A Miraculous Poison Called Botox Into Your Practice

Safer than surgery in many ways and not as unnatural in the minds of some as synthetic drugs, Botox is a miraculous poison that just might have a place in your dental practice or other kind of medical office — if you or someone in your office has the proper Botox training to use it safely.

It’s easy to debate what the most toxic substance available to humankind is, but the toxin that makes Botox work is certainly on the list. It can cause great harm when inhaled, ingested or even injected, causing paralysis, respiratory failure and eventually death. The toxicity of a substance is determined by its median lethal dose, and just one gram of this pure poison can kill millions.

Botulinum Toxin

To put that into perspective in a concerning way, a gram of hydrogen cyanide can kill perhaps five or six people.

Yet since 2002, this miraculous poison in the form of diluted Botox has been available for cosmetic uses. In fact, Botox for cosmetic purposes is widely used and still gaining in popularity. People pay handsomely to have this substance injected into their bodies to reduce wrinkling and for various medical conditions involving tight muscles, pain and more.

Botox is the same botulinum toxin that can be found is some dust, soil and food that has been contaminated with it. By attacking the nervous system, it can turn off the brain’s connection with a particular muscle or nerve. The neuron in the brain or spine sends a signal to the area, but the signal isn’t received thanks to Botox.

While on a large scale that’s how the toxin kills, that’s how also how it works such miracles. And since those who administer it must be carefully trained in a Botox training program to give the injections, the risk is low — and the reward is amazing.

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