Study reveals that doctors believe technology reduces patient time

by Brighton Dental San Diego

A new study has been carried out that asked over eighteen thousand physicians about their patient care. Out of all of them that responded, seven out of ten believed that the introduction of technology into the way that medical care and appointment systems had reduced the amount of time that they would spend with their actual patients. In fact, 50% of those doctors believed that their computer systems meant that they were unable to see any extra patients throughout their day.

The study was completed by the health care publisher Medscape, and reveals that although many of the changes that were brought into the medical world were created in order to save the administrative time that doctors had to spend, and allow them to spend more time with patients, in fact almost the opposite is true.

On the other hand, there are new changes within the medical professional that should be able to marry the usefulness of technology and the need for patients to spend much time with their patients. For example, Dr. Bob Carter who is the chief of neurosurgery at the UC San Diego School of Medicine will often go through his medical rounds with a smart phone. He uses it in order to record the decisions that he and the patient will make with regards to their continuing care, through dictation. This saves the amount of paperwork time, and it still enables him to spend much of his time face to face with those that really matter: his patients.

Of course, there will be occasions when doctors will need to sit down at a computer, but those times are few, and the majority of the work would already have been done. Dr. Bob Carter believes that this has removed around seven hours of work per week, giving him extra time to dedicate himself to his San Diego patients.

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